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When Should You Get a Mold Inspection?

Mold experts of Philadelphia is a renowned company providing mold-related services for years. This fungal species is a significant problem in residential areas. Philadelphia is one of the most humid areas of the country, which makes it favorable for mold breeding. Thus many people complain of mold development. It is not only harmful to wooden furniture, walls, and corners of the place but is also a severe health hazard. Therefore, our mold inspection Philadelphia PA services offer to keep your house and furniture in check for mold development.

What is Mold?

Molds are fungi that grow in moist corners. It is found in many different forms of which Aspergillus is common in American households. Generally, it is considered a microbe that causes biodegradation. They multiply fast. The spores it sprouts can easily be transmitted to large distances, which eases its spread. Therefore, their development needs to be nipped in the bud. They are a threat to wooden furniture, walls, and ceilings. Besides, they are a source of many diseases in humans and animals. If left untreated, they can cause severe damage. Therefore, you should book for mold removal Philadelphia PA promptly.

How Often Do You Need Mold Inspection Philadelphia PA?

Mold inspection is an easy task. Mold development will show signs of growth in the corners of your house. Even if there are tiny spores, it means mold has already spread all over. In this case, you need to call our team for a professional mold inspection Philadelphia PA. That said, molds often form such small colonies that the naked eye cannot easily detect them. Thus if you see moisture build-up or leaks around, you should get it checked.

How do we do Mold Inspection, Philadelphia PA?

Mold Experts of Philadelphia carry out a mold inspection in a professional manner. We will send a licensed inspector to your place. Usually, mold inspection is a visual process in which our representative tours the house and carefully checks every nook and corner for mold colonies. At this point, you need to inform our team members about any history of mold development. We’ll try to find out the root cause behind it and discuss mold remediation in Philadelphia PA.

What is Mold Remediation Philadelphia PA, and How is it Done?

Mold remediation is the cleaning of mold-containing areas. The success of the process depends on if it thoroughly cleans away the mold and prevents its new growth. It involves special equipment. After a proper inspection, our team would check for the root cause and repair any leaking taps and water plumbing systems. Afterward, mold-containing areas are isolated. To begin with, cleaning all the wet porous furniture and objects is necessary to prevent sprouting and spread of spores. Vacuum is used on affected surfaces. Then using special chemicals, scrubs, and detergents, the place is cleaned. Disinfectants are sprayed generously to ensure the complete elimination of mold spores. As for the wet materials, they are dried and dehumidified. This way of mold removal Philadelphia PA guarantees complete and efficient cleaning.

How is Mold a Threat to Property and Health?

Mold is biodegradable. It feeds on wood and weakens the framework. If left as is, mold can also cause solid, strong furniture to break. Even walls and buildings can collapse due to the damage caused by molds. As for human and animal health, molds pose a danger. They produce allergens that can irritate the skin. Inflammation due to mold spores is highly uncomfortable, and a person may start showing symptoms of fever, skin rash, sneezing, headache, etc. Besides mold remediation Philadelphia PA is also important because molds can cause diseases in humans and animals. Therefore, if you have kids and pets around, you should keep them away from mold-containing areas.

Contact Us for Mold Removal Philadelphia PA

Mold Experts Philadelphia is a team of trained people who have years of experience in mold removal in Philadelphia PA. We are aware of the local climate and humidity conditions and know how to deal with them. We use optimal methods to ensure that mold is not just cleaned but prevents further growth. So, if you want a mold removal service, call on us to get the job done!